Spring RV6

As the snows melted I noted that the RV was about 5 hours from my 25 hour inspection and about 10 hours from an oil change so I decided to burn up those hours while I waited for a box of oil and a new oil filter to arrive, and then do both oil change and inspection at the same time. It’s easier and simpler as the cowlings only have to come off once.

Drifting along in the Cub at low level is great fun but the RV has an excellent rate of climb and it’s nice to zoom up to 5000ft or more to zip along well above most of the normal general aviation traffic which seems to congregate around 2000ft – maybe they teach it that way these days?

Random high level pictures in no particular order. Here we are over Pitlochry looking south towards Dunkeld:

…and now we are looking south from Stanley towards Perth. Probably in the descent toward the airfield so not as high as the last one:

In the climb over Fife, up to 7000ft:

Less than one mile laterally and 10,400ft vertically from a British Airways Airbus on its descent into Aberdeen:

7000ft over Melrose in the Borders…

One cool thing I have noticed…if you are looking out the right of our RV6, overhead Crail in the East Neuk of Fife, with 2400 RPM set, doing 140 knots at 6000ft, in a left turn passing through 090 degrees at about 30 degrees angle of bank, and you take a photo, then go home and zoom in…

…it’s the flag of Ukraine! Слава Україні !