The plan for the 80th anniversary of D-Day coming up next month is to meet up with a lot of other liaison aircraft in France and fly in formation along “Les plages du Débarquement”, as the Locals call the invasion beaches.

The cowling of the Cub looked a bit bare. Some of the ones attending have names and nose art. No time left to get fancy artwork, but we should at least name the aircraft.

After a lot of thought and many rejected ideas we agreed on “Clarrie-T”. This was my Mum’s nickname as a teenager in 1944, when she was 14 years old.

I sent off for the vinyl graphics but unfortunately I got the dimensions slightly wrong. It didn’t fit. All the letters were there so we just went with “Clare”, Mum’s actual name…

The process was quick and easy.

And the finished product looks pretty good:

Mum’s name is already on the side of an RNLI lifeboat, and now she’s on an aeroplane too.

Her first outing was to Kirriemuir airstrip in Angus, for the second fly in of the year. The first was in January, this one was a lot hotter!

The photographers were out in force and got some great shots:

…and this last one, my favourite. I managed to take off cross-controlled (deliberately-honest!) and they got the left wheel low wheelie perfectly:

In less than two weeks, we should be flying along the D-Day beaches. But first, it’s time to retire from helicopter flying. Only one shift left on the air ambulance. Sadly it’s an age thing, 60 is the age limit for single-pilot public transport flying. I identify as a 44 year old but the UK Civil Aviation Authority aren’t having it.

This little clip should encapsulate the next couple of weeks:

Hoping for good weather! Report to follow.