Winter Wonderland

Taken from the Cub during the January engine health flight. Not much writing here, just pictures of Perthshire in winter. Apologies for some of the quality…I’m still getting used to the camera and I was freezing my butt off with the window open, an extra source of camera shake.

Swans on frozen loch
Strange fields
Long shadows
Lines and circle
Snow patches
Taller crop above the snow?
Winter farm. Farmers never stop…
Spindly trees
Hillside tracks
Wooded hillside
Future Christmas trees?

This last weird rounded field surrounded by trees is the sort of place the Cub could have operated from during WW2. Measuring on Google Maps shows it to be about 750m long, more than plenty. It even has a barn top left, probably with enough room for a Cub. Maybe it’s for sale.

“We Bought an Airfield!” – new post coming soon…?