Local Trips

Some photos and screenshots from winter flying. Sometimes the weather window is quite small in terms of size, so we have to stay local.

Winter winds can be quite gusty, staying in the circuit is great for practising those tail wheel landings…always looking for the elusive “perfect” landing that makes you want to go straight back up and have another go:

When I’ve been flying the Cub I find that my RV landings improve, and vice versa, so it would be churlish not to…

There has recently been a Service Bulletin released by Vans Aircraft warning of possible cracks in the elevator hinge bracket area. Compliance with the bulletin involved an internal boroscope inspection, requiring a hole to be enlarged to get the scope in. Luckily all our hinge rivets and brackets show no sign of cracks. Get airborne!

Just a local bimble. Longer range adventures planned for the summer!