Christmas Cub Combo

A new Christmas tradition…I took the “World’s Coolest Copilot” flying in the Cub on the morning of 25 December. Just tootling around, enjoying the views and taking selfies (note my Christmas jumper!)…

…when who should pop up on the radio, none other than young Aaron, who was out and about in the Perth based Super Cub. Time for some impromptu formation flying! We joined up on the Super Cub and took a photo of him:

…while he took photos of us. Note the flaps down on the Super Cub so that we could keep up…Aaron said it could have been the world’s slowest formation!

We slid over to the other side for a different angle and more of the “you take photos of me and I’ll take photos of you” thing…

Note in the Super Cub the solo pilot sits in the front unlike the L4. Piper Aircraft removed the fuel tank in front of the cockpit and put the fuel up in the wings, which sorted out the centre of gravity issues. It means the Super Cub pilot can actually SEE the instruments, unlike me as my view was blocked by Rory in the front seat.

We stayed in formation all the way back to the airfield before splitting up for separate landings, us on runway 21 and Aaron on runway 27. The wind was all over the place and couldn’t decide which runway to blow down, so we used both.

Brenda snapped us as we flew over Wolfhill:

Back on the ground. You can see the family resemblance:

And thus a new tradition is born…Christmas morning Cub flight with the added bonus of some formation flying and photos thrown in.

It turned out quite nicely.

Unlike my attempt at drawing a Flightradar24 Christmas tree the day before using the RV6. I had just changed the oil, cleaned the fuselage, replaced a couple of tie-wraps and lubricated all the hinges so there was an excuse to go for a Christmas Eve flight.

The flight log on Skydemon shows the finished result:

…whereas the Flightradar24 trace is not so good. Over the hills FR24 reception can be poor and the 24th was no exception. It came out looking like a squirrel or an Easter Island stone head with something sticking out of his neck – definitely not a Christmas tree to be proud of.

Ah well, you can’t win them all. At least we had fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both my readers! Onwards to 2021…maybe the virus will let us fly further afield. Let’s hope.


This is the RV6 downhill from 8000ft with a hefty tailwind:

And it looks even better on Flightradar24, which usually has some innaccuracies thrown in…

Sometimes after tootling around in a Cub at 70 knots you get the urge to go fast. It should be called the “need for speed.”

Cool phrase. They should use it in a film.