Wickenby – The Sequel

After the summer’s enjoyable Cub trip south to the Vintage Piper Aircraft Club’s “Northern Meet” at Wickenby, it seems that they are looking at holding a “Scotland Meet” at Perth next May…

There may be a bit of organisation to do, but at least I won’t have to fly as far this time!

November Floods. Again.

Some days, just like WW1 flying ace Snoopy, we don’t feel like flying:

Some days we can’t fly. Either it’s too wet:

Or it’s too windy:

But after the wind and rain have abated, it’s time to get the Cub out and go survey the resultant flooding:

I was accompanied on one of these flights by Rory, also known as “The World’s Coolest Co-Pilot”…

Still a lot of moisture around leading to low cloud in places:

Above, the River Earn. Below, the village of Luncarty:

Various flood pictures in no particular order…a breach in the flood defences:

Another breach in the flood defence levee, this one near Coupar Angus:

A week later, the levee is all over the field, and there is a massive hole scoured out by the rushing water:

This is why it is called a flood plain…

Another confluence. Muddy water off the fields meets clear water from the hills:

The flooding was extensive and stretched for miles:

It took about 2 weeks for the floods to drain away and most of the fields to dry out, but there were still some wet patches dotted about:

The final puddles clearly showed the course the river used to take, the cool sounding “palaeochannels” …

The L4 is a great platform for observation and taking photos. I think we’ll keep it! I’ve been asked if I’d like to volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol when I retire – that would involve just the observational role that the military Cub was built for. Something to think about, could be fun.

The RV has just had its Permit to Fly renewed, so there should be some RV action soon. And in exciting news, we’re just about to apply to start the process of moving the Cub from the (expensive) Certificate of Airworthiness system to the (much more economical) Permit to Fly system, It may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end…