Caution: Naval Content

Just for Uncle Johnny…some warships on the Clyde.

This first one was making its way out of Faslane. Not sure if it’s an RN one or not. It had disappeared beneath the waves when we were on the return journey.

This next one is quite sad. This is HMS Ark Royal, which was decommissioned in 2011. I seem to remember this was her last visit to the Clyde before the end, which is why we went up specially to take photos.

Ark Royal from another angle, showing Merlin helicopters and Harriers arranged on the flight deck in an eye pleasing manner. Definitely a PR visit rather than operational.

Looking up Gareloch to HMNB Clyde, the submarine base more commonly known as Faslane. We’re not allowed any closer, as it has its own restricted airspace.

One of Faslane’s residents proceeds along the channel in the Clyde after departing Faslane (“Slipping and proceeding” in Navyspeak). Off to who knows where…

More soon…