Weather Windows

Autumn. Variable weather, but with some nice flyable bits. In between the gales there were several opportunities to get the Cub out:

Once airborne in a slow aircraft like a Cub, the significance of the wind aloft becomes more noticeable. Notice the headwind giving a groundspeed figure of GS 53 (top left) on this Skydemon screenshot:

After reaching Crieff and turning round, the tailwind now pushed the groundspeed up to 105 – eye watering for a Cub…

On the odd day the weather can be absolutely perfect – light winds, warm and clear skies. When pulling the RV out week later the hangar was almost empty – everybody was taking advantage and getting out and about. Plus the odd visitor adding to the congestion at the fuel pumps, this Swiss registered King Air came in from Rotterdam:

The weather was nice enough for a longer flight out over Fife:

The former RAF Leuchars from above, now an army barracks but with the airfield still in use for the University Air Squadron and occasional diversions:

Approaching Dundee from the south. Tay road and rail bridges standing out:

Out and about in the Cub a few days later, lots of moisture in the air…

Lovely circular rainbow around the Cub shadow:

The next time I flew the RV I transferred the SkyEcho conspicuity unit from the Cub, but somehow neglected (aka forgot) to change the aircraft over in the settings, so to the whole world we were flying a Cub at RV speeds:

147 knots as a groundspeed for a Cub is pretty impressive. If only it was true…